Dev Detail (formerly TechNote) is a business by Andreas Andrews, a specialist in WordPress web development, support and web hosting. Creative areas of expertise include stills photography & video production.

If you want to find out more about Dev Detail why not run a search for ‘Andreas Andrews‘? It could be enlightening.

If you want to know more feel free to get in touch.


One of the driving motivations behind Dev Detail is helping others. It might not be apparent when looking at the brand values or mission statement. Making an impact on others is a great feeling.

The business was started quite some time ago in a different form and it was born through a love of WordPress, coding and building great websites with security and speed at the forefront of the business objectives.

Are you ready for more fun facts?

Nicknamed ‘Dre’ and although qualified as a photographer to degree level, therefore without a PHD does not qualify as Dr. Dre.

The first deployment of the website was optimised and loaded in less than 360 ms which is literally the blink of an eye. It might take a tad longer to load at the moment, but hopefully will not ever exceed 2 seconds.

Andreas has won multiple national and regional awards for photography and entrepreneurship in Lancashire and across the UK.

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